Card Computer Release Notes

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v 5.5 (5/4/2017) - read live stats from new style Baseball Reference

v 5.4.3 (4/8/2017) - fixed fuzzy card printing

v 5.4.2 (10/11/2016) - 7-8-8-9 does not exist (fixed). Moved to

v 5.4.1 (9/16/2016) - added Games to batter stats

v 5.4 (9/11/2016) - display cards of the selected set below card computer - 9 per printable page

v 5.3.2 (9/11/2016) - file_get_contents stopped working - converted to curl

v 5.3.1 (7/6/2016) - fixed saved player sets for 2016

v 5.3 (5/22/2016) - fixed duplicate names in BR import; added tip jar

v 5.2 (5/6/2016) - added live current year stats for 2016

v 5.1 (10/28/15) - added a few back years. Added selected players control.

v 5.0.7 (10/17/15) - Better pitching grades. Fixed IP-related stats (ERA, etc.)

v 5.0.6 (10/13/15) - Name editing works. Added Gaby Sanchez. Fixed Jung Ho Kang

v 5.0.5 (10/9/15) - Round walks properly instead of rounding up. Fixed some pitchers data (Stroman, Hill, et al)

v 5.0.4 (10/9/15) - Fixed the 12(!) Added derived stats.

v 5.0.3 (10/8/15) - Fixed stat ordering. Tightened up white space. Update card after changes in bio stats.

v 5.0.2 (10/8/15) - Fixed initialization. Added Rockwell and Arial Narrow fonts.

v 5.0.1 (10/8/15) - Fixed SB chance number. Fixed Chris Young/Chris B. Young

v 5.0 (10/7/15) - Converted from Java to JavaScript - removes security restrictions. Not all the functionality has been ported over yet. Only the 2015 season for now, but I find Javascript to be a bit more flexible. In a first attempt at user customization, a font select menu is provided.

v 4.1 (10/13/14) - One piece of feedback was about the Hit Correction. (h/t Dick Moore - you were right that it's reduced.) I think it's not as large nowadays. ERAs were lower this year than any time since 1992 in the NL and 1981 in the AL. This *should* make the cards look a little more optimistic, but the pitchers will be better. We'll see. (Also changed a lot of the layout to Swing.)

v 4.0.1 (6/18/13) This version adds pitching grades (it's a first cut - we'll see how it comes out), and uses stats from Baseball Reference. Stats from the current year are "live".

v 3.0.5 (9/27/2005) - Split out release notes onto this separate page.

v 3.0.5 (11/5/2004) - Not using Java 1.4.2 interfaces anymore. There were just too many problems out there with older operating systems.

v 3.0.5 (10/31/2004) - I am now using a newer version of Java - Java 1.4.2 - and I'm starting to get reports of problems. If the card computer applet has suddenly disappeared, please read this.

v 3.0.4 (10/31/2004) - Ported to Eclipse development environment and Java 1.4.2.
Fixed MANY display problems - field widths, colors and stuff.
Some players are still missing, I know.

v 3.0.3 (10/13/2004) - fixed data file - fixed Hee Seop Choi, added Joe "Help Me" Randa

v 3.0.2 (10/12/2004) - fixed data file - fixed Hideki Matsui, added D'Angelo Jimenez and Sean Burroughs

v 3.0.1 (10/12/2004) - fixed data file - added HBP and Jose Guillen

v 3.0 (10/11/2004) - added 2004 data file - rush job: let me know if something looks strange

v 2.5.1 (10/8/2003) - uploaded a batter data file that includes IBB data

v 2.5 (10/3/2003)
- Added a 2003 batter's data source file. NOTE: This file is preliminary, and it DOES NOT HAVE VALID IBB DATA, so some players, especially those with high IBB numbers, will not be represented accurately. FYI: Bonds had 61 IBBs in 2003. Also, some biographical information is not supplied in this data file.
- Rearranged the display some more.
- Made the stat file picker work, and added some PARAMs to the applet to associate data sources with the player list.

v 2.1 (7/16/2003) - A couple of tweaks to the UI. Transition to Comcast host.

v 2.0 (1/17/2003)
- Added a "Hit Adjustment". This number is the number of hits (NH) that the "8-8-8-9-9" combination represents. A higher number will give the cards fewer hit numbers. 4.50 seems to work pretty well for the 2002 season. The old card computer used 4.25, which seemed to work well for early 1990's seasons.
- Changed the IBB adjustment.
- Fixed a bug that gave some outfielders 2 22's instead of a 15 and a 22.
- Fixed the computation of OBP.

Here is an explanation of how the computer makes cards.

The card calculator algorithms are pretty much the same as v1. A couple of bugs have been fixed (notably - the card computer now is able to place enough walks on the card to accurately represent Mr Barry Bonds).

Mostly, v2 is a UI improvement - the card looks better, there is a player browser (2002 stats only so far), biographical info is included, "derived" stats and card-making metrics are displayed, and there is an option to force the creation of one-column cards.

Comments? Suggestions? Problems? Please send them to me.

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